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Below are the seven areas that are usually the way we get started working with a client.  Click on any of the items below for more information.

The Golden Handcuff Plan™ – How to lock in your key employees with a vested bonus arrangement.

The Continuity Solution™ – A plan for the continuity of operations and ownership, should something bad happen to you.

The Key Employee Opportunity™ – A plan that gives your key employee(s) an opportunity to buy some or all of the business from you.

The Quarterback Coach™ – Our process for advising you in the sale of your business to an outside third party. 

The Essential Plan™ – A special approach to estate planning where a concentration of net worth is in a closely held or family business. 

The Prudent Policy Review™– A review of existing life insurance with recommendations on how to maximize its value to your overall financial plan.

The Be Sure Assessment™ – Prioritized goals and objectives, issues you might want to address, and recommended action steps.  A full summary of where you are with your personal finances and the plan for your business.