The Essential PlanTM

A special approach to estate planning where a concentration of net worth is in a closely held or family business.

Far too many business owners have not updated their planning documents in years.  You know it is essential for you to have an estate plan that works in harmony with your business continuity and lifetime transfer plans.  Forget the reasons why you have not done this.  Bring your ideas and we will help you move forward.   This is all we do so we get to work with the best attorneys and experts in all of the related professions, and we capture what we learn from them into our process.  We know the questions to ask and how to explain your options to you.

The elements of The Essential Plan™ include:

  • Write your prioritized goals and objectives.
  • Educate you on the components of a foundational estate plan.
  • Explore advanced estate-planning concepts that apply to your personal circumstances and goals. 
  • Present the benefits and detriments, what they will cost, the risks, the complexities, and the time and effort required to administer and keep in compliance.
  • Summarize and prepare a graphic diagram for how your estate and business continuity plan work together.
  • Present a summary of our work including the financial model, goals and objectives, issues identified, and recommended solutions to your attorney.
  • Collaborate with your attorney and tax professional to draft and implement the finished plan.

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