The Be Sure AssessmentTM

Prioritized goals and objectives, issues you might want to address, and recommended action steps.  A full summary of where you are with your personal finances and the plan for your business.

Do you really know that you have all your ducks in a row?  If you are not fully confident, the issue really is how much of your time will it take – right?   The answer is that it will take some, but not as much as you fear – we have a proven process and we do most of the work for you. 

  • All we do is tax, estate and financial planning for business owners.
  • We know the questions to ask.
  • We spot issues that you can’t see yourself.
  • Your other professional advisors are not doing this for you.
  • You may have already done significant tax, estate and financial planning. 
  • You may not fully understand how all of the components fit together.
  • No one else in your family understands it and you want a backup. 

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