17Q2 in Review

Spring (Q2 2017) led to a renewed family estate plan, which led to some very important discussions and decisions. As a financial expert, I enjoy applying what I’ve learned working with dozens of other families to my own situation.  I’m thinking of writing a short book about what we decided for our family and why.  If you’d be interested in reading it – please let me know – I’d like to gauge if anyone cares.

The theme to the books I read matched this project of planning for our family’s future: Designing Your Life Bill Burnett & Dave Evans (the book I’d recommend most out of this quarter’s reading); Intentional Living John C. Maxwell; The Purpose Driven Life Rick Warren; Letters to My Son Kent Nerburn; The House of Morgan and The Warburgs both by Ron Chernow; and The New TycoonsJason Kelly.

I also enjoy listening to podcasts, so I thought I’d share what I’m subscribed to right now.  I Love Marketing was my favorite for a long time.  It’s spawned a few additional shows: Genius Network,
More Cheese Less Whiskers (my current favorite), 10x Talk, and The Multiplier Mindset Podcast.

I like listening to entrepreneur interviews, and the best is Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders because it’s a free recording of a Stanford class. I listen to most episodes of Eventual Millionaire (which I was on), Entrepreneurs’ Organization (of which I’m a member), Tropical MBA (talks about being a digital nomad), James Altucher (has interesting guests), and Tim Ferriss (my favorite author).

I was thinking the other day about how much I’ve learned since I graduated from college, not from experience in work/business/life, but from reading and consuming content.  My best guess is that it’s equivalent to another three 4 year degrees.  I get excited thinking about how much more I should be able to learn as time marches on.

Business Wins
Recently, a client’s parents sold their home and needed to increase their income to afford their rent.  They are living on a pension and the house proceeds are all the money they’ll ever have.  They had never received financial advice nor made any significant investments.  It was very rewarding to be able to educate and serve an elderly couple in need.  I launched Freedom Wealth Advisors with the confidence that if I always put my client’s interests ahead of my own, I’d be successful.  Every chance I get to do that makes me proud.

I love “doing deals” – and the Freedom Internet Fund is scratching my itch.  Check out our newly acquired sites:
https://www.camdengear.com/ – performance running gear
http://openroomz.com/ – book your discount travel
http://www.shelikestosew.com/ and SewingMadeSimple.net  – for those of you that sew
http://www.finestshower.com/ – when you want the best shower head

Our client list at CADsourcing has become “cool” which is not what I expected.  We’re working for some of the biggest brands in the world – Tesla, Google, Walmart, KFC, McDonalds, Verizon, AT&T and more.  What’s very rewarding is that we added 10 people to our team this quarter – and many of our drafters are the highest earning member of their multi-generational household.

Illuminati Studios was selected by the South Florida Business Journal as one of the 25 Fastest Growing Companies under $25MM for 2017.  It’s fun to be part of growing something special!

I organized an “Experience Sharing Dinner” with 8 local EO Members so we could each talk about how we want to make an impact outside of our business life.  It was great to learn how other people approach giving and all of us around the table agreed we’d like to be thought of as philanthropists later in life.

Amanda and I also attended Student Ace’s gala dinner.  They will provide leadership training for 2,000 local high school athletes next school year.  We have provided them with grant writing services and hope to report back a success story.  The same goes for The Cupboard, a new kosher food pantry that is part of Jewish Family Services in Broward County.

We also learned about Google’s Ad Grant which provides up to $10,000 per month of free advertising for non-profits so we applied on behalf of United Way of Broward County.

Finally, a friend asked me to help brainstorm how Sonrise Mission could launch a Veteran Assistance Program for those that need drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Family Adventures
The four of us had a fun spring break in Dallas.  When we returned to Florida, Amanda and I went over to Amsterdam to see the tulips in bloom.  It was an amazing experience, made even better because my EO chapter organized a crazy party on the canals for King’s Day with the Netherlands chapter.

In May, I went to Nicaragua (the 60th country I’ve been to) with my EO Forum.  I came home knowing I am capable of achieving amazing things in my lifetime.  In my mind, I limited what I believed I could accomplish because I like doing lots of different things and I enjoy spending time with my family.  What I realized is my greatest accomplishment is designing a life that fits everything that’s most important to me – a great relationship with my wife and kids, the ability to travel frequently and work wherever I am, and to make an impact in my community.

When school ended, we headed up to New York City to say good bye to Jared, who travelled to Israel with his grandparents for 17 days.  Eden, Amanda and I spend the week in the city and enjoy being tourists.
We are all reunited this week in the Florida Keys, where I’m finishing this up after a great day poolside.

Say “hi”!
It’s been great to hear from long-lost friends. I really appreciate people replying to give me their feedback and tell me what’s going on in their lives.  Hit reply – don’t be shy 😊

With love, Noah

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