17Q1 in Review

I got a lot of great feedback from my year in review and I hope you find value in this quarterly summary (Q1 2017).  Jim Rohn said “A life worth living is a life worth documenting” – so here’s my recap:

Coolest Things I Learned

After listening to short talk expert Hayley Foster I realized I have an idea worth sharing, so I decided to prepare my own TED style talk.  It’s about how to live an amazing life.  I have my first public appearance scheduled for June.  Next quarter I should have a video link to share.

Dan Sullivan has been a mentor of mine for years.  He just invented another amazing tool – the Mindset Scorecard – which is a blessing for people that have too many opportunities or need to better understand the people they should prospect.

Dan’s disciple, Dean Jackson, published his scorecard along with a companion guide.  If you are involved in marketing or sales, I highly recommend you read it.  I consume everything Dan and Dean publish.

Verne Harnish summarized a great marketing truth in a half day seminar I attended – if you don’t own your spot on Google or Amazon, you must be creating demand directly from your customer.  I also read his book The Greatest Business Decisions of All Time – which has too many valuable lessons to repeat them all here.

Javier Montes allowed me to preview his book Millennial Workforce and I invited him to present to my EO Forum.  He identifies so many positive attributes of this generation and makes it easy to figure out how to leverage their strengths.  A must read for anyone that manages a team and a great speaker for audiences that employ millennials.

Giftology author John Ruhlin gave a presentation that highlighted the value of being a gift giver.  It led me to surprise a teammate by sending a card to their kids to let them know how great their parent was at work, along with money to take the family to dinner as a way to thank their parent for working hard.

My favorite author, Tim Ferriss, talked about “anticipation as a prerequisite for happiness” and it reminded me why we always have at least one vacation booked before we leave on our next adventure.  We don’t want to get home without already having something to look forward to.

I met Former NBA player Chad Varga when he spoke about providing teens a way to set goals through an English curriculum that he is promoting across our country.  I didn’t know that 1.3 million teens each day wake up and contemplate suicide.  We both agree if they had goals they were excited to pursue, their mindset would be different.

Other Books I Read

Jim Rohn also has a lot of quotes on reading, but I like, “To get to where you want to be in the next 5 years, you are either reading the right books or you’re not.”

  • Business Secrets from the Bible – Rabbi Daniel Lapin made me realize something very powerful. I always knew if I did something for someone’s child, they valued it more than if I did something for them.  What he pointed out is that if we believe we are all God’s children, then God is delighted each time we do something for someone else.
  • I wanted to re-read The Five Love Languages to learn how to better connect with Jared (words of affirmation) and Eden (physical touch). It’s such a great book because it’s simple and practical.
  • In Great by Choice, Jim Collins talks about how ships use guns to fire at targets, and only AFTER they hit will they then launch the cannon ball. I’m applying this wisdom in business after too many failures where we launched cannon balls without knowing if we were on target.
  • The Legacy Journey – Dave Ramsey introduced me to a new financial concept for high income earners; dividing after-tax earnings in excess of your desired lifestyle into three areas by percentage (not $) for savings, additional lifestyle expenses and charity.
  • It’s Your Ship – what amazed me most is how Captain Abrashoff changed an imbedded culture in a relatively short time frame.
  • Stealing Fire – Steven Kotler’s other books were more interesting to me but my biggest takeaway was that micro-dosing on mind altering drugs is going to become the next big thing for high achievers.
  • Unshakeable – Tony Robbins expresses some bias now that he owns part of a wealth management firm, but I still recommend this book to anyone that wants financial peace of mind.
  • How to Stay Motivated – I hadn’t listened to Zig Ziglar in a long time but this reminded me why he is a legend.
  • Shoe Dog – Phil Knight’s biography surprised me in that it was incredibly well written and entertaining. The takeaway is that nothing great happens without struggle or passion.
  • Vagabonding – Rolf Potts talks about long term world travel. It reminded me to always live life now.
  • Give and Take – On of my values is to Give Generously, which creates a debate in my household as to whether I’m wise or foolish. Adam Grant doesn’t settle things because he documents that Givers end up falling on both sides of the bell curve of success, while takers are more often in the middle.

Business Wins

I’ll share just three for the quarter.  Perhaps I’m most proud that I celebrated the 10th anniversary of Freedom Wealth Advisors.  I had a party at my favorite restaurant, Marakesh in Parsippany NJ, and we were entertained by magician Seth Dale.

I also sold out my Freedom Internet Fund with just 25 meetings (sorry if I didn’t get a chance to ask you to join me).  We bought two websites already –  one selling elegant watches and cool sunglasses and the other focused on inexpensive stylish custom watches.

In January, CADsourcing CEO Bryan Luoma visited our team in Cebu, Philippines and walked away with 100% certainty that we have the best telecom drafting team on the planet.  As a result, we are going “all in” to make sure every A&E firm involved in telecom knows our story.


Amanda and I launched a new initiative in collaboration with Williams Grant Writing.  Our family is underwriting the costs to prepare multiple grant applications for Broward and Palm Beach charities focused on food security, education and/or Jewish causes.  Our first recipient is The Eda and Cliff Viner Community Scholars Foundation, Inc. founded by my philanthropic mentor, Cliff Viner.  We are excited to see what results are obtained!

As members of United Way of Broward’s Tocqueville Society, we were treated to a few great experiences.  One was aboard the $40 million super yacht owned by JM Family Enterprises, who have made major contributions in our community. The other was hearing Keith Cobb, perhaps best known as the former CEO of Alamo Rent A Car, talk about writing his memoir, which got me thinking…

It’s hard for us to find ways to give as a family, but we made lunches for our local food insecure families and Eden and I participated in a food packing event for 20,000 meals for local Jewish families.  If you have ideas for how families can make a difference together, please share your ideas with me.

Family Adventures

We kicked off the year with a trip to Universal to celebrate Amanda’s birthday.  The Harry Potter train and new section are amazing.  Soon after we got home, I organized a surprise “ladies’ night” at a local Latin restaurant with live music so Amanda could shake her booty.  I flew her cousin down and then sent them to a spa to enjoy some pampering.  It was nice to see Amanda get a break and I managed to keep the kids alive and well, too.

In February we celebrated Jared’s 10th birthday with a Super Bowl party.  More than the fun, it was a milestone that made me recognize how important the job of being Jared’s father has been.  I could have easily spent the last 10 years focused on work at the expense of physically, emotionally and mentally being there for him.  I’m so glad my priorities shifted once he was born.  He’s a pleasure to watch grow and mature.

Maybe the best is last because we travelled to NJ in March to see some old friends and most importantly, to celebrate my grandfather’s 99th birthday.  He had all his kids (5), grandkids (13) and great grandkids (10) except for my niece who got sick and my sister in law that stayed home to take care of her.  Next year is the big 100 and we’ll be sure to be back!

So how was your first quarter?

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